Club W

I subscribe to travelzoo newsletter. If you aren’t familiar with them, they scour the internwebs searching for the best deals on travel related items. Sometimes they will have offers on non-travel things, like wine!  A few weeks back they had a deal where it was 50% off. I signed up and then got an additional … Continue reading

Eating clean at a hospital

You would think this would be easy, but it’s not. It’s amazing the amount of crap served in a hospital cafeteria. The soda cooler greets you as you enter. The salad bar is decent though this is the first salad bar I’ve seen where they have used bagged frozen vegetables. Are broccoli and cauliflower that … Continue reading

Orange Apple Carrot

Meet Mr. Penguin

As you can probably guess, we don’t drink soda – for a multitude of reasons. Our boys have only had one on a few occasions. I have drank my fair share of sodas from a kid right up to a few years ago. Sometimes I miss a drink with some bubbles so we purchased a … Continue reading

Green Juice

This morning I wanted a clean green wake me up. I headed to the fridge and pulled out a cucumber, a green apple, some napa cabbage and half a lemon. I threw everything in the juicer, poured it over ice and decided it could use some sweetening so I added a carrot to the mix. … Continue reading

Garlic Scape Pesto

Earlier this week I scored a very large bag of scapes at our locale co-op for $0.99. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with them when I purchased them, but as I walked to work with them in my bag I had visions of a very garlicky pesto. In a food processor … Continue reading

Local cocktails

You can’t always eat clean. Some times you want a fun drink. This weekend at our local farmers market we picked up a local cranberry juice and a local gin made with local honey. It’s quite delightful!

Clean Eating and how I said good ridence to migraines and coffee

Migraine. The word still sends a twitch to the back of my eyeballs. 37 million people are estimated to suffer from them. Migraines are not just bad headaches. Migraines are torture. Pure and simple. I know a lot of people who say they get them, but I’ve never heard these people share stories with me … Continue reading

ABC Zinger

This is a fairly common juice combination in the juicing community. Beats give this juice phenomenal color, carrots and apple give a sweetness to cut the earthiness of the beats and ginger gives it a nice zing! In your juicer juice one medium-large beet with the tops on (I found that if I rolled them … Continue reading

Healthy Lemonade

I’ve really enjoyed juicing lately. It makes me feel real energized and I know the nutrient flush is making a difference in my mental clarity and my health. It’s been very hot in Vermont lately and nothing beats a lemonade on a hot summer day. Most lemonades are saturated with sugar. This one has no … Continue reading