Frozen grapes, Rainier Cherries, and avoiding the work candy bowl

Most people say they have a sweet tooth or that they crave chips, me, I love them both. I’ve been working really hard to replace the daily treats of mini candy bars and Hershey kisses with something better. It was really, really hard. I work in a small office of about 20 employees. There are always at least three candy bowls taunting me, and then there is the break room. Cookies, muffins, bagels, cakes and lots of prepackaged junk. I had a really hard time with this.  I would do great for a while, and then I’d start eating the crap again. My husband always knew, he could see it in my face and call me out on it. Thanks for trying to keep me on track, hun! After doing the Clean Program I found it much easier. It’s also key to bring snacks. If I have a bag full of healthy goodies I will go there before going to visit a colleague.  This time of year I love nothing more than a big bowl of Rainier cherries. Prices aren’t too bad right now, but I have been known to pay upwards of $13/pound for organic ones. Their color is intoxicating and the flavor is so amazing. I don’t like sweet cherries, but I could eat and eat these bad boys! Some day I would love to be in Washington state when these are in the peak of their season.

Another go to favorite is frozen grapes. These are better than candy!  Here in Vermont we are experiencing a heat wave and these are a delightful treat. Once frozen the grape becomes sweeter and creamier, almost like bite size ice creams! Grapes are one of the dirty dozen, so be sure to buy organic ones. You can use either red or green grapes. The red freeze better and are my preferred grape. Give them a nice wash (always wash your produce, people!) and dry them the best you can, otherwise you will have a large chunk of frozen grapes. Put them in a container or baggie and pop them in the freezer for a few hours. Obviously, if you don’t want them fully frozen, pull them out sooner. I will bring a handful or two with me to work, and pop them in the freezer when I get there. By the time I get back from lunch they are frozen and make a nice afternoon snack. These are a wonderful whole food that are  low-calorie and low-fat, meaning no guilt.


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