Foodie Pen Pals – New foods, new friends

This month I participated in my first ever Foodie Pen Pal exchange, the brain child of The Lean Green Bean. I ran across this last month and it looked like so much fun, and it was! How it works: Lindsay pairs you up with another foodie. You spend around $15 and send a package to … Continue reading

Guilt free banana ice cream

I’ve seen this done on a bunch of YouTube videos and have been dying to try it myself. The other day my local co-op had over ripe bananas in the mark down bins. I grabbed a bunch. Well many bunches to be exact! I brought them home, peeled them, cut them into 2-3″ sections and … Continue reading

Scott’s balsamic cherry tomatoes

My husband came up with this recipe a few years ago when we had cherry tomatoes coming out our ears. This is best if you let it marinade in the fridge for a few hours to overnight, but its excellent fresh too.  Ingredients 1 pint Cherry Tomatoes, halved 2 Tbs Balsamic Vinegar 2 Tbs Olive Oil … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

Clean Orange Sesame Chicken and Broccoli

My husband worked late tonight so I took this opportunity to make a meat dish. I had some broccoli that I picked up from the farmers market yesterday and some organic chicken breast so what do you make? Orange chicken of course. Ingredients Olive oil – enough to coat pan 1 inch nub of ginger … Continue reading

New Omega Vert juicer!

My mom is the BEST and spoils me rotten. Thanks, mom!!

Ruby Tuesday – a beautiful red juice

This morning I went to the fridge and just started pulling things out. This is what I came up with and deemed the Ruby Tuesday. In your juicer add: 1/2 a large beet 1 apple (with a red skin) 1/4 lemon 2 carrots 1 handful of red grapes 1/2 a large red pepper This may … Continue reading

Coconut Panang Curry

Everyone in our home loves curry, even the little guys. Our favorite is probably massaman but because we order it at a local restaurant so much, our taste buds are expecting something particular and we haven’t been able to recreate it. Last week I took a trip to the Asian market in town and picked … Continue reading

Jucing a Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe ranks right up there on my list of favorite fruits. As a child my Gram Ruth would buy bags of frozen melon balls and I would grab a cup and eat them on a nice summer day. This week as I made my way around the farmer’s market I was delighted to see cantaloupe … Continue reading

Frozen grapes, Rainier Cherries, and avoiding the work candy bowl

Most people say they have a sweet tooth or that they crave chips, me, I love them both. I’ve been working really hard to replace the daily treats of mini candy bars and Hershey kisses with something better. It was really, really hard. I work in a small office of about 20 employees. There are always at … Continue reading