Saying Good-bye to our CSA

Last summer we had a CSA through the Intervale.  What’s a CSA? It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You pay for a share and every week you get fresh local yummy vegetables and fruits. The farmer gets paid at the beginning of the season and you take a risk on what the weather and the yields will be.  This spring and summer Vermont saw lots and lots of rain. Sadly for the farms in the area where we got our summer CSA there was lots of crop loss. The Intervale CSA was not able to do a winter share this year due to the loss they saw. Watch this time-lapse video to see the devastation from Hurricane Irene.

For our winter share we decided to do a Pete’s Greens share. They are larger and not as local, but still local by localvore definition, and their pick up locations were convenient. Our family has decided to forego the spring share and to try our hand at gardening here in the City. Burlington has some great community garden space, one of which is right around the corner from our home.  I want to have a kitchen garden in our backyard, and some day an orchard, but we will also be getting a plot at the Starfarm Coummunity Garden. We will be able to bike down with picnic baskets after work and weed and tend to our garden while watching the sun set over the lake. I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m nervous at the same time. I hope our yields are as nice as what we have been seeing in our share. Better actually. We want to can and freeze our crops so we can enjoy our labor throughout the year. I think we will continue to follow the blog of our CSA to see what is being offered every week for inspiration and ideas of localvore products to supplement our garden. We have discovered some great farms in the area who are producing beans and grains. There are only a few weeks left in our CSA, I’m going to miss it, but I can’t wait to get some dirt under my own fingernails! Know your food!


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